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The Brave Little Toaster: an undiscovered glow

Pairing: Radio x Lampy  

Rating: PG

Part.6 Meeting the locals

The appliances knew that the only way to investigate was at night time, it was going to dangerous but they had no choice. They waited until it was after sunset when Robert went to bed because he had to go to work early tomorrow. So it gave Radio, Toaster, and Fannely a chance to get on the case.

Radio took a brown hat from a hanger that was placed on a mirror that hanged over a cabinet in the living room. He was ready to get on the case like a real detective, "Alright, we need to gather some evidence and get some suspects to get to the bottom of this case; just like Sherlock Holmes."

"Who is Sherlock Holmes?" Blankey asked.

"Sherlock Holmes is a human who was a great detective. He's also well known in many mystery books." Shade said.

Radio got a grey hat and put it on Toaster, "Yep; and Toaster will be my Watson. I'll try to find Solitaire to see what else she knows."

"Sounds like a plan," Fannely said, "Can you show us where you found "it"?"

Radio took Toaster and Fannely to the backyard where he found the body, but the body was gone except for the pool of oil. The bitter cold nipped at them but they managed to toughen it out.

"What the…it was right there," Radio said, pointing at where it used to be.

"That's strange, someone moved the body," Toaster said.

Radio looked more closely at the pool of oil, and saw that the body was dragged out of the yard and a dried trail of oil ended at a wood plank.

"And it seems that someone knew a secret entry to the yard as well," Radio said as he walked up to the wooden plank, he moved the plank with his antenna to reveal that the screws were loose so it be lifted upward as a doorway. By the opening, either someone small could fit in there, or someone slim could slip through.

The three appliances slipped through the opening and stayed out of sight as they followed the trail through the alleys, and they began to see that the trail was starting to fade away into little drops of blood. Like someone dragged the body to the alley way and gave it to someone who could carry it.

"Radio, did you say that Solitaire knew pretty much every detail of the murders?" Fannely asked.

"Yeah, it was a bit strange of how much she knew; either she's investigating in it or she did the crimes." Radio said.

"So Solitaire is suspect number one?" Toaster asked.

"Yes, unless we can find evidence that doesn't lead to her, she could be the cold-blooded killer." Radio said.

"It looks like someone carried the poor lamp further down the alley, this appliance will have to be really strong to do it by himself or he had help." Fannely said.

They saw that the alley grew darker the deeper it went; they needed some form of light to get through the darkness. Radio found a mini flashlight, turned it on, and they were able to go deeper into the alley.

Something didn't feel right as they got deeper into the alley, it was like someone was watching them but they couldn't see who it was or what it was. Also the trail of blood seemed to vanish at the other end of the alley. It was like the dead lamp disappeared off the face of the earth; someone must have picked up the lamp from the one who carried the body. But the only thing left was a price tag with a tiny logo on it and with small writing on the side that said: "Rosco's Appliances".

"This mystery is getting stranger by the second." Radio said.

"This IS weird," Fannely muttered.

"A price tag..?" Toaster asked as he picked up the price tag to look at it better. "Could it be that the killer is buying appliances so he can kill them?" Toaster said.

Radio and Fannely were puzzled, as they were about to leave to search somewhere else, something fell from the second floor of a house on the left side of the alley. They looked up and saw a strange figure at the slightly opened window, it certainly wasn't a human.

"What was that?" Fannely asked.

"It sort of looked like another appliance." Radio answered.

"Smooth move," another figure said bitterly as it came near the window, then the window opened all the way revealing a white megaphone and a dark grey small regular fan. "Sorry about that, guys." The fan said down to them.

"It's alright," Toaster said kindly.

The fan lowered a long rope down for the three appliances to climb on, "Come on, it's not safe there."

They grabbed the rope and the mystery appliances pulled them into their home. It was warm and inviting with expensive but yet antique furniture.  

"You guys are new here, aren't you?" the fan asked.

"Yes, we are." Toaster answered.

"Friend or Foe?" the megaphone asked.

"We're friendly, we just want to know what's going on." Fannely said.

"We are investigating a murder case. Did you know anything about it…uh" Radio started, wondering what their names are.

"I'm Sound Blaster and this is Windy." The megaphone answered. His eyes were almost as pale as his body; it looked like he was almost blind.

Windy's eyes were a shade of baby blue: he could see fine, but he seemed to be a, probably shaken up from all that had happened in their home town.
"I'm Radio, and these are my friends; Toaster and Fannely." Radio said, introducing himself and his friends.

"You said you're investigating the murder case, correct?" Sound Blaster asked.

"Yes, we heard it from someone named, Solitaire; that the murders have been going on for some time." Toaster said.

"Solitaire..?" Sound blaster and Windy both asked in shock.

"Um, yeah Solitaire, do you know her?" Fannely asked.

"Yeah, like 2 years ago until the day she disappeared." Windy said as he took out a cellphone and placed it in front of them, "She said she would call but she never did."

"Did Solitaire have any enemies?" Radio asked.

"Yes, several," Sound blaster answered, "But they are all either dead or gone without a trace."

"Now all the appliances in the neighborhood are going crazy ever since the murders began a few months ago and no one is doing a damn thing about it. And last week we lost Solar; a lamp and a good friend, we don't know where he is but we think he is dead." Windy muttered.

"Did Solar say anything to you before he disappeared?" Toaster asked.

"Yes, he said that he will be exploring. I told him to stay away from the warehouse that's on the far side of town; but I guess he didn't listen." Sound blaster said gloomily.

"The warehouse has a reputation for "disappearances" for appliances and humans." Windy said.

"That could be where the murders take place," Fannely whispered.

"Well, we are sorry for your loss but can you show us where the warehouse is?" Radio asked.

Toaster and Fannely starred at Radio in surprise, they didn't want to go there; at least not without a plan to start with. And even if they find the murderer, they were afraid that they might be the next victims on the list. Radio was scared as well, but he tried his best to be brave.  

Sound blaster and Windy were quiet for a moment, "I don't think that's a very good idea right now since it's night time, but I can take you to someone who knows pretty much everything about the murders." Fanner said.

"Ok, who is this is guy?" Radio asked.

"Her name is Pandora; she lives a few blocks away. I'll show you the way but you will have to stay close." Windy said.

Back at the house, everyone was asleep except for Lampy who was looking out of a closed window.

"Radio, please be careful." Lampy whispered worriedly. The suspense was killing him, he had to know if Radio and his friends were ok or not. It would be a stupid decision to leave the house while he is on the killer's hit list, but Lampy wasn't always so bright.

He looked around him to see if everyone was asleep, then he quietly opened the window and slipped through, hoping nobody will anyone noticed him. But then Shade stopped him before he could disappear into the shadows.

"What were you thinking? Are you trying to get yourself killed?" Shade whispered to him as he gently grabbed Lampy's neck as if he was giving him a gentle but threatening warning. He was clearly not in the mood to go on another adventure right now.

"I just want to know if Radio is ok." Lampy said innocently.

"You will just have to wait and stay inside. I understand you're worried but he would not want his friend get hurt." Shade said, pulling Lampy back inside the house.

"Well, I'm just worried because this whole murder case thing is scary, and with Radio and my friends on the case; they could get hurt." He said softly, "And I'm sure Radio will do something crazy like who knows what."

Shade patted Lampy on the back, "There, there, kid. Radio seems like a clever appliance, I'm sure he and your friends are fine."

"Yeah, I guess you're right." Lampy said.

"You really care a lot about him, huh?" Shade said kindly, "Radio is a good appliance; he will make the right choice."

Lampy smiled a bit as he remembered Radio spunkiness: Radio might not be the bravest at times but he always tries to be the big shot and hero around and likes to make harmless (or not) jokes every now and then.  He is also pretty clever but he has his clueless moments as well; and he is certainly a talker. But even though Radio seems to have a big ego, he also has a big heart. He can also be polite, smart; he seems to know a lot of the outside world more than anyone, and he makes others happy with his music (most of the time).

"Well…um…" Lampy let out a quiet sigh, "Can you keep a secret?"

"Yeah, kid."

"I don't just like Radio, I…I love him; and not like family love, it's something much more than that. We finally got together when we got stuck in that fire, but I'm not too sure if now is a good time to tell our friends." Lampy said a bit uncomfortably, not knowing how Shade's reaction will be.

Shade looked surprised for a moment but he gave Lampy a warm smile, "I understand; Radio told me all about you and his "crush" on you. I didn't want to say anything because I wanted Radio fess up before I said something about this too soon."

"Actually I "fessed up" first." Lampy said.


"So, are you going to keep this "relationship" between me and Radio a secret or not?" Lampy asked.

"Don't you worry, kid. Your secret is safe with me." Shade said.

Windy showed Radio, Toaster, and Fannely where Pandora lived. The house looked old and very uninviting like nobody lived in it for years.

Fanner walked up to the front door and went through the large doggie door. The others were a bit confused but they went through the doggie door as well, and the inside of the house was nice but something was a bit…off about it. The room was dark and all the furniture were covered by white sheets, it didn't feel very inviting outside or inside.

"Pandora..? Come on out you have some visitors." Fanner called out.

"Hello, Windy." A soft female voice said from the shadows. A tall black study lamp walked out of the shadows, her eyes were a shade of blazing gold and orange that almost looked like fire in her eyes. Her majestic eyes were not only beautiful they were almost…hypnotizing; like she can get any gender to want to kiss her. She was at least two times taller than Lampy, and her cord was twice as long as well.

"Hey, Pandora; these guys are investigating the murders and they're wondering if you could help them." Windy said to her.

"I will be glad to help." Pandora said politely; she took them to the study area where there was a tall book case and a dark desk that had some books on top of it along with a computer next to it. Pandora jumped onto the desk and the computer came to life.

"Greetings, Pandora." The computer said coldly with a creepy smile like a Cheshire cat.

"Com, list all the victims from six months ago to now." Pandora said, and then the computer listed all the victims on his screen. The list looked like it goes on forever until the numbers of victims stopped at 321; 321 innocent lives were murdered.

"Holy cow..!" Radio exclaimed.

Toaster let out a gasp in shock of how big the number of victims was. Fannely gulped in fear.

"A bit unpleasing, isn't?" Com asked them coldly but in a teasing way.

"Can you open another window, showing all the appliances in the area?" Pandora asked.

Com did what she said and showed a list of the locals, there was a much bigger number than the number of victims. Then the "Rosco's appliances" logo popped into Radio's head. Maybe Toaster was right, the killer could be purposely ordering appliances so he could destroy them for their mechanisms: but who and why?
Here is part 6 finally.
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